Vital Freebase - Strawberry


Vital Freebase - Strawberry

Product description


Experience the pure and simple delight of fresh strawberries with Strawberry e-liquid by Vital. This premium blend perfectly captures the essence of juicy, ripe strawberries with a balanced combination of sweet and tangy notes that tantalize your taste buds.

Crafted with the highest quality ingredients, Vital's Strawberry e-liquid is the perfect choice for vapers who appreciate clean and straightforward flavours. With its perfectly executed blend of sweetness and tanginess, this e-liquid provides an excellent all-day vape that never gets old.

The taste of fresh strawberries dominates this e-liquid, providing a bold and satisfying hit that is sure to please. Every inhale delivers a burst of juicy flavour, while the exhale leaves a lingering sweetness on your palate that keeps you coming back for more.

Whether you're a seasoned vaper or just starting, you'll appreciate the smooth and satisfying vaping experience provided by Vital's Strawberry e-liquid. It's the perfect choice for vapers who love a clean, simple, and perfectly executed flavour that hits all the right notes.

So why wait? Treat yourself to the delicious taste of Vital's Strawberry e-liquid today and enjoy the ultimate vaping experience. It's the perfect choice for vapers who want a straightforward and satisfying flavor that captures the essence of fresh, juicy strawberries.

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70 VG 30 PG

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